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batch image classification



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Start by logging on to with your assigned username. Images for tagging will be displayed immediately.

Here's an example of the type of image you might be tagging:

Look at the set of available choices. In this image, the objects that should be tagged are cars, trucks, buses, people, bicycles and motorcycles.

To tag a car, first click the "Car" radio-button. Then click the upper-left corner of the object, and drag a rectangle to the lower-right corner of the object. Release the mouse button and a rectange should appear.

Once the image has been tagged, the results should look something like this:

Here's a close-up example of a good Car tag:

The tags should not contain extra space:

The tags should not be smaller than the object:

If the image contains many vehicles in the background, just try to tag the majority of nearby vehicles like this:

If you make a mistake and want to delete a tag, you can use the Delete button:

Here are some examples of incorrect tagging.

Incorrect: Multiple tags per object

Incorrect: Tags not covering objects

Incorrect: Tags are single clicks, not rectangles

Incorrect: Bicycles should be tagged seperately. Bicycle tags should include rider.

Incorrect: Bicycles and motorcycles should be tagged individually.

Thanks, happy tagging!